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Why Is NIS-Systems Different:

    At NIS-Systems we understand that projects need to start right in order to end right. We strictly adhere to a proven standard of best practices to ensure that projects flow smoothly from conception to completion. Please click here to check out our project methodology.

As a multi-faceted corporation, our core business focus is on Networking, Information, and Surveillance solutions to small and medium-level organizations in a wide range of industries. As many projects cross multiple disciplines, our business has evolved into a practice of relevant strategic IT solutions for business networking, information and IP surveillance needs. Our unique mix of expertise and one stop solutions allows us the flexibility to provide end-to-end solutions to our clients saving them time and money.

NIS-Systems has been supporting computer network's from day one

A computer network is a telecommunications network which allows computers to exchange data. In computer networks, networked computing devices pass data to each other along data connections (network links). Computer networks support applications such as access to the World Wide Web, shared use of application and storage servers, printers, and fax machines, and use of email and instant messaging applications.
We make sure your network is designed properly, with ease-of-use and security. The last thing we want is for your computers to stop communicating with each other and the external world.

NIS-Systems Has Provided Technology Solutions Since 2001

Over the years, NIS-Systems has expanded its capabilities to include Networking, Information, Security, Voice Comminution & Network IP Video Surveillance solutions. By approaching these disciplines from a relevant strategic perspective, our organization is able to offer our clients customized solutions, which not only meet their needs, but also offer scalability while prolonging their lifespan and ensuring an excellent return on investment.

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