Dell Server virtualization

Server virtualization from Dell helps us identify immediate results for our customers by designing and implementing practical, reliable and comprehensive solutions for their environment. NIS Consultants from our Virtualization Practice can help our customer achieve the full benefits of virtualization technology with solutions that can provide the following:
• A standards-based virtualization strategy that can help lower costs while preserving choice and control.
• A flexible, tested process to achieve virtualization, matched to both current user needs and future demands.
• A less complex server infrastructure by implementing tested and validated solutions.
• A direct, uncomplicated approach that simplifies implementation, speeding time to productivity.
• An operational advantage through increased provisioning agility.
• Solutions designed to deliver leading performance, availability and overall value.
Dell workshop process can help our customers understand the potential of virtualization technology. In addition we can assess our customer’s current environment with a view to either initial virtualization, or extending an existing virtual server infrastructure. Our assessments are designed to help customers make informed decisions to maximize the benefits of virtualization in our customer’s environment. NIS Consultants can also design and implement virtualization, working closely with there team to share best practice and help ensure knowledge transfer.

Cloud Computing

Take the simpler path to cloud computing

Cloud promises to revolutionize the future of IT service delivery by enabling a faster and more flexible way to meet the technology needs of your organization. Take the simplest path to your cloud-enabled future with Dell’s end-to-end portfolio of infrastructure, services and management tools.

Count on Dell to deliver cloud with security and agility in mind — so you can focus less on managing technology and more on reaping its rewards. Learn more about how Dell can help you realize the promise of cloud: Choose the cloud platform and providers that best addresses your business
challenges  — without sacrificing management control — when you choose Dell
cloud integration and management solutions.

Eliminate shadow IT and turn your cloud environment into manageable,
re-discoverable applications and service offerings. Integrate applications, monitor
performance and proactively resolve your cloud services issues with secure,
centralized cloud management services. One simple contract can cover
comprehensive management, security and governance.

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