NIS-Systems is at the forefront in research & development of intelligent security solutions. We offer innovative IP Surveillance and analytics, backed by quality customer services. We provide a complete range of solutions for a broad spectrum of industry segments and applications. Whether you need a few cameras, or a few thousand, our solutions are easy to install and easy to adapt to changing environment. The digital, network video surveillance system provides a host of benefits and advanced functionalities that cannot be provided by an analog video surveillance system. The advantages include superior image quality, remote accessibility, distributed intelligent video capabilities, easy installation and integration, and better scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. A fully integrated Axis network video system can be used for a multitude of applications simultaneously: for instance, access control, building management, point-of-sales systems, ATMs, as well as fire alarms, intruder and visitor management. An analog system, on the other hand, rarely has an open interface for easy integration with other systems and applications.


Your valuable information needs to be stored safely and securely, you need to be able to access your information quickly and with little  or no downtime. When we setup your system in our data center, we make sure your information is stored securely and you have immediate access to it at all times.


Many times companies want to analyze customer flow and interaction within their businesses. ACAP (AXIS Camera Application Platform) is an open platform available on most Axis cameras that allows you to add analytics and other applications to meet specific security and business requirements. In Axis Application Gallery, you will find ACAP applications developed by Axis or Axis’ application development partners. These applications are ready to be embedded directly in Axis’ products to perform analysis of live or recorded video. Examples of such applications are cross-line detection, people counting, license plate recognition, Perimeter Defender, Facial recognition – and much, much more. There are almost no limitations as to where a network video product can be placed. Axis network video has the capacity to provide a high level of integration with other equipment and functions, making it a continually developing system. To further facilitate easy installation and configuration, Axis offers a number of free software management tools, such as AXIS Camera Management.


Our Dedicated hosting accounts are easy on your budget! Our number 1 priority is to make sure your valuable VM Server is stored safely and securely in case of any crisis. A Dedicated Hosting IP will be setup on all Hosted Servers. NIS-Systems Virtual Servers are high-performance VMware or Hyper-V Virtual Servers that are reliable and designed to help you grow and scale your business Securely, Quickly and Easily.

Cost-efficient and  Future-Proof

Are you looking for a way to improve the overall safety and security at your hospital or healthcare facility? while at the same time enable high-quality patient monitoring to increase the everyday efficiency? With a network video solution from Axis, you get a cost-efficient tool to:

  • Effectively monitor critical areas such as emergency rooms, psychiatry departments and restricted areas
  • Prevent break-ins and dishonest insurance claims
  • Quickly evaluate incidents and take appropriate actions
  • Create a scalable and future-proof surveillance platform

Well-proven in medical environments

Axis’ leading range of network video products has been successfully implemented at healthcare facilities around the world. They deliver high-quality images that reduce investigation times and provide valid proof in case of incidents. Further capabilities include:

  • Remote monitoring with access to live and recorded video from any authorized computer
  • HDTV video images with exceptional level of detail
  • Automatic alarms in case of camera tampering and trespassing

Leverage your existing CCTV investments

Several hospitals have selected Axis video encoders for a seamless transition to IP-based surveillance. This has enabled them to protect their current investments and yet benefit from the many advantages of network video technology. As a result, they now have a cost-efficient scalable system that facilitates all handling and investigations of their recorded video.

Better healthcare starts with better information

When healthcare is information-driven, data is interconnected and available when and where it is needed to save lives. Data becomes knowledge and moves healthcare beyond episodic care to preventative, precision medicine. And data ultimately allows patients to take control of their own health. Our four-part information-driven healthcare approach is a reflection of our commitment and expertise:

Build Future-Ready IT Platforms: Systems should be capable of adapting to change, scaling and achieving maximum efficiency.
Unlock Information: Data must be free from the shackles of paper and from digital silos, with secure access when and where it is needed.
Empower Caregivers: Caregivers need technology and process, including real-time clinical decision support and operational insight.
Unleash Innovation: Investments in technology and process will yield significant returns in the form of efficiency and quality of care.
Taken together, we believe these steps can radically redefine the way healthcare is delivered for decades to come.